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Enjoy the same experience of eating hot pot at Nabeya Maido, at home. For a quick meal, choose the single serving, ready-to-heat, ready-to-eat MicrowavaBOWLS. Nabeya Maido is especially known for their wonderful broths, Maido House Shoyu, Akakara and Tonkotsu, inspired by the flavors of Japan and perfected in Hawaii. For a festive meal with the same aroma and flavor, Nabeya Maido has a selection of Nabe Box sets for takeout or delivery with subscriptions available by the month or year. The Maido Nabe Set, enough for two to three people, comes with a 16-ingredient platter with your choice of broth. Call or text to order.

2022 Hale Aina Award Winner – Silver in Best Hot Pot!